Graphic Novel Movie News: Rachel MacAdams would like to be in a possible Black Orchid movie, Battling Boy movie is going to be directed by Patrick Osborne and Tom Cruise has ideas for a Edge of Tomorrow Sequel

News Overview

True Detective and Southpaw star Rachel MacAdams is eye to have a role for the Dr. Strange movie, but Rachel MacAdam rather be in a more obscure DC movie based on Neil Gaiman’s Black Orchid. Rachel MacAdams made recent comments on a possibility of being or staring in Black Orchid movie stated on Screen Rant article,

“That’s sort of super early days and I don’t know where that’s gonna go, if it’s gonna go anywhere at all. I’m certainly not a comic book snob. I really enjoy them and reading them, I think the Doctor Strange franchise is really interesting and Benedict is amazing. And I love graphic novels. I love that they are coming to light.“I always wanted to make “Black Orchid.” It’s a tough one. But the fact that Doctor Strange is happening makes me think there’s hope for more Neil Gaiman out there.”

Rachel MacAdam might be a pretty face but judging form her comments it seems she has a legit comic/graphic novel background on her.  I love MacAdam is willing to promote more lesser known comic movie titles like a Dr. Strange and a Neil Gaiman’s Black Orchid which is really rare to hear from most actors especially from dramatic actors. However, MacAdams comments on her interest on being in a possible Black Orchid movie that could possibly tie into the “DC Vertigoverse” doesn’t rule out Rachel MacAdams still being cast in the Dr. Strange movie. But as of now its unconfirmed what role she might have in the movie or even if MacAdams would be in it altogether. Rather MacAdams would be in a MCU or DC Vertigo movie, there is no doubt Rachel MacAdams isn’t shy of being featured in a bizarre fantastical world of the comic universe.

What is the Black Orchid (Vertigo)

Black Orchid debuted her first issue in Adventure Comics #428 having appearance of your standard female custom superhero. In Neil Gaiman’s re-imagining of the character Black Orchid is Susan who was gruesomely murdered but soon revived as half human and half plant hybrid. Susan now known as the Black Orchid must regain her memories of what possible happen to her during her murder, and trying to figure out how did she became a freak of mother nature.  A film adaptation of the Neil Gaiman’s version of the character is unknown but the classic look of the character has appeared in Batman Brave & the Bold animated series and was cameo in Fallout: New Vegas.

A Battling Boy Movie

Academy Award winning Disney Animator Director Patrick Osborne who is well known for his short animated film Feast, is on board to direct Paul Pope’s Battling Boy graphic novel movie adaptation. The movie will be produced by Paramount Pictures and it is unknown if this movie will be either animated or live action. If you ever read the Battling Boy graphic novel it has lots of visuals that can work better in animation. I doubt this will ever happen but I think a Battling Boy movie can work  in 2D animation if the director decide to translate the same art style from the book. If Battling Boy was directed in live action it might need a higher budget. Patrick Osborne is known for his animation so there is chances of Battling Boy begging animated which might share similarities to the popular action and adventure Cartoon Network series Adventure Time, which if this movie is either adapted in animation or live action it can target to that particular demographic. Overall a Battling Boy movie adaptation could be really interesting, and I’m looking forward to the project. This movie could be a lot of fun like Big Hero Six just hopefully with a better villain.  

What is Battling Boy?

Battling Boy is a graphic novel is written by Paul Pope who is one most famous alternative comic artist and writers of all time. Battling Boy is about a young powerful boy that wants to kick major monster ass! Okay there is more to it but that’s the main core of the story, Battling Boy lives in Acropolis where out worldly monsters exist and devour children into the abyss of the underworld. The only macho man that can defeat them is the vigilante Haggard West but somehow Haggard rounds up being dead. And because of this the citizens of Acropolis is willing to find someone who can stop this monster, being desperate enough they decide to put there faith into a 12 year old demigod. As everybody is crossing there fingers  its up to the “Battling Boy” to stop this beast that is terrifying the people of Acropolis.

A Possible Edge of Tomorrow Sequel

The first Edge of Tomorrow now titled “Live Die Repeat” is a summer blockbuster that really  caught me by surprised in the Summer of 2014. How this movie was marketed and how Tom Cruise was judged on the poor performance of Oblivion, and also the trailers being similar to Oblivion really hurt the interest for this movie to gain a wide audience. But when the movie was released Edge of Tomorrow surprised a lot of people including myself, because Edge of Tomorrow ended up of being one of my favorite Manga novel (I know its originally based on a Japanese Light Novel) movie adaptations of all time. Now after reading the acclaim critical  reviews of Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation, Tom Cruise pitched ideas of making a Edge of Tomorrow sequel. From a recent i09 article Tom Cruise  answer to a MTV interviewer,

“I pitched it to screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie and director Doug Liman. We were there one night and I was like, “I’ve got an idea for it.” Cruise also included,”It could be so much fun. Gotta get Emily. I was like “Emily, please. She (Emily Blunt) was like, give me another year, please.

Although I’m indeed excited for another possible Edge of Tomorrow movie, the big question is will the studio take another chance to do it? Now Edge of Tomorrow managed to break even worldwide making a total of $360. 2 million worldwide with a $178 million budget. The box office at times was seen as counter programming due to the many of the female audience (who probably brought there boyfriends or husbands) all watch the young adult movie adaptation of Fault of Stars instead of a male lead action film like a Edge of Tomorrow. I can see a possible sequel due to the acclaimed critical reviews and good word of mouth there could be a chance of a Edge of Tomorrow sequel happening. Its just this time the writers or Tom Cruise have to think of a different narrative than using the same Groundhog Day plot devise from the last film. A Edge of Tomorrow sequel must be or at least feel more unique than the original, maybe the sequel can focus on going forward in time than backwards. But if directors like Doug Liman, Christopher McQuarrie and Emily Blunt possibly coming back on board I hope the movie takes me back (no pun intended) of how much I enjoyed the last Edge of Tomorrow film.


What are the three topics that are excited about? Do you think Rachel MacAdams comments will push for a possible Black Orchid movie being based on Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel. Will a Battling Boy movie will be animated or live action, I for one would like to see it in 2D animation. And will a Edge of Tomorrow sequel ever happen? I like to know your thoughts on this news.

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